What If You Never Get Married?

August 31, 2017

If You Never Marry


Is just me, or is it scary as heck to ponder never getting married?

I’m sure 99.9% of women will agree with me here. We literally spend the majority of our lives daydreaming about being married. So, any threat of this being snatched from us, is pretty sobering.

But it is a possibility, right? Sure it is. And what will you do if that’s your lot in life? What will you think?

About two years ago, out of nowhere I found myself uttering the words, “Being married is not my purpose.” Tears immediately fell from my eyes as that last word echoed in the emptiness around me. I forced myself to sit with this reality. After all, it was true. Being married is not my purpose.

This is how I know that. Regardless to whether I get married or not, I have a specific mission/purpose to fulfill, which is not contingent on my marital status.

It took me a week to process this. Which means, I cried off and on for a whole week. Ya’ll know I’m dramatic right? In my mind, I conducted a whole burial ritual for my rigid hope to be married.

Ok, let me explain…

I still have the desire and hope but I have detached myself from that rigid hope that I had. This sense that either I get married or I’m nothing. After that week and still presently, this resolve is so incredibly freeing.

What does being married mean to you? If it never happens, what does that say about who you are?

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